Friday, December 31, 2010

City Point and Appomattox Manor

City Point and Appomattox Manor
Hopewell, VA - December 31st, 2010

Appomattox Manor at City Point in Hopewell, VA
Shelled by the British in the Revolutionary War
Site of General Grant's HQ, which Abraham Lincoln
visited for 3 weeks during the Civil War.

City Point had been busy port for 250 years
 by the beginning of the Civil War.

I used to fish at this spot with my grandfather.

I remember when Tug boats used to dock near this spot
where the James and the Appomattox Rivers meet.

A carriage house on the street leading from
the dock towards Appomattox Manor.

Appomattox Manor

Canadian Geese.
We had to watch our step on the grounds.

Goose footprints leading towards General Grant's HQ cabin

General Grant's HQ at Appomattox Manor 1864-65
 during Siege of Petersburg and Richmond,
President Lincoln spent 3 weeks in City Point during April, 1865.

General Grant's cabin and Appomattox Manor in the distance

Goose tracks.