Monday, July 12, 2010

Unitarian Universalist's Retreat - Pine Song near Vallecito Lake

The afternoon drive to Pine Song Camp.


We saw this rainbow later on during the drive.

The Rav as it should be, eclipsed by the wilderness.

Our tent was right on the Pine River.

View of the sunrise from our tent on Saturday morning.

Flowers alongside the Pine River

The facilities at Pine Song Camp were simple and beautiful.  
We had a couple of workshops in this space.
The worship service on Sunday was really wonderful.

Coffee setup at about 6:30am, before many were awake.
Saturday's continental breakfast was simple and satisfying.
That afternoon the campers shared a delicious potluck dinner.
Sunday's buffet breakfast was an elaborate affair. 

Burned out remains of a house, not far from Pine Song Camp.
Another abandoned building in the background.

There was an "office" built under the ground level.
Ant lions were living in the sand in this front section.

We found old cattle evaluation records in here.
They were dated between 1960-1962.

 View from inside the abandoned building.

Pine Song Camp was actually at about 7500ft.  
This reading is from where we stopped for lunch on the way back.

The sight that greeted us when we arrived back home on Sunday.