Friday, January 29, 2010

Parting Wish - A tribute to Dr. Donald M. Tuttle, Ph.D - "Doc"

Dr. Don Tuttle "Doc" was the man who showed me how to live well and to appreciate the wonders of the natural world when I was young.

From the 1940's through the 1980's he hauled groups of school-age kids, in the back of his pickup truck every Saturday, through moist alfalfa fields, along the banks of the Colorado River, and into the wilds of the beautiful and still-wild Sonoran Desert.

Doc passed away three years ago yesterday. His continuing impact on the lives of generations of young boys and girls is simply beyond measure. Thank you Doc.

Parting Wish
By: MrM
Feb 1st 2007

You walked in from the barren world,
Drew castles in the sand
Envisioned places far and strange,
Then placed them in my hands

In a fragile, clear, thin sphere of glass
Holding plants and magic things
To those mystic lands you added life
That had six legs and wings.

You gave, and gave, and never took
You always kept your word
You never left or changed you mind
You made others seem absurd

Without words, you said so much
In life you were so large
Yet modest, simple, kind, and true
You brought me safe this far.

When I was young you took the helm
And steered me from the rocks
As life's winds blew; you fashioned me
Winter clothes, thick hats, warm socks.

Through soft words and quick jabs,
Diatribes when I would hear
Wisdom shared guided my life
Through love, and truth, not fear

A boy I was when we first met
Confused I've been before
A man I am and ready now
To aim for heaven's door

So I accept your parting wish
Mentor, Teacher, Friend
I'm ready now to take the wheel
Held true until the end.

With Love,