Thursday, August 27, 2009

LSUS and Beyond

In class all day today. So far I've had Music Appreciation where I've already learned a couple of new music theory principles (not that difficult for me to do), and Psychology, which might just end up being my most difficult class due to the long list of names, theories, ideas, philosophies, etc. that have already been discussed. My next class is News Writing, which I'm really hoping to enjoy thoroughly.

I'll be doing my laundry this afternoon, carrying what is basically a large sports-type duffel bag about a mile on my bike to the laundromat. Strange for passers-by to watch, I'm sure, but effective none the less at helping to save peers from unpleasant odors wafting from my general direction.

There is a poetry night tonight at a local coffee place called the Naked Bean. I may go to check it out, or I may just decide to relax and enjoy my night off reading one of my textbooks at my place. Either option sounds pleasant to me.

My life is good right now. I'm blessed with options and opportunities.