Thursday, July 23, 2009

Early Morning - Lots of Learning

Enjoyed an episode of Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett called Approaching Prayer from May of 2008 as I walked the neighborhood starting at 3am. I went out on the mountain bike, stopped at the duck park, and then went to the library to check e-mail and to download transcript requests.

I'm considering whether to enroll at LSUS this term or whether I might just take a semester off. Right now a break sounds tempting... as I'm saying this I'm watching a video documentary entitled Iraq In Fragments by James Longley. Probably the most powerful and insightful documentary about Iraq that I have seen, it features a couple of children who just want to have a chance at a better life, and access to a good education. Is it right, while they and millions like them exist, for me to take a break just because I can?

Listened to a bit of an Audible Book that I've had for some time called Life on a Little Known Planet. It describes the lives of insects in a way that reveals the fascinating differences in the countless ways that life experiences the world. I've listened to it once before, but it feels just as fresh, humorous, and enlightening as it was the first time through. Today's bit featured springtails and snow fleas. Both utterly strange and enthralling creatures.

Moved boxes out of the apartment today. I'm thankful that I've been offered a place to store them.