Monday, August 25, 2008

Anthropology, Arabic, Car Donation

I came up with an idea for a T-Shirt design today:

Obama '09

So what if he were a Muslim?

(but he's not)

(I hope that what comes across from that sentence is that I don't think that a person should be considered any less qualified to be President of the United States because he or she is Muslim.)

I started my two anthropology classes this morning. M/W/F 9am-10am and 11am-12noon. The intro. given by the instructor was intense and exciting. I think that I'm going to love these classes. I can't wait to delve into the books!

I taught my Arabic class in P.G. and then I browsed the local farmer's market, where I picked up some of my favorite snacks from the "Mr. Falafel" booth.

This evening I got to chat with a great friend, and I had to locate the title for my car, which I am officially donating to charity sometime in the next few days. (It has been sitting in my sister's driveway in Oregon for the last several months... time to get that out of her way! - Thanks Angie!)

Now I'm headed home to spend some quality time with Kate and the cats.