Friday, July 18, 2008

Nari the Kitten

I mentioned a while back that we have a new kitten in our lives. He is pretty incredible. My girlfriend and I first found him on our way home from Sly McFly's after a Wednesday night jam session. He was yowering on the ocean side of the fence by the Hopkins Marine Lab. We couldn't get him to cross onto the bike path, so we had to leave him.

The next time that I saw him was a few days later when he was hiding under the trash compactor in front of the Reebok store at the Tin Cannery. Ria, Kate and I tried to catch him that night but he scrambled around the trash-compactor enclosure and then, magically, he disappeared completely.

The next night we returned to the trash-compactor area to leave out some food in case the kitten was still around. We didn't find him there. I said a prayer out loud "to the cat goddess out there" that either he would find the food or that we would find him.

We were about a mile farther down the road towards Lover's Point when we smelled a skunk. We stopped on our bikes to figure out if it was right near us or if it had been hit in the road. Right at that moment we heard a feeble meow coming from the bush right beside us. We figured that was a good place for the kitten to be, so we brought his food from over by the Reebok store to his new location.

We fed him there, morning and evening, for a few days. Kate would speak soothingly to him as she fed him a little at a time. He would venture out of the bush in short bursts, running back into cover as soon as he detected any movement.

Garrett came to visit. The first night he was in town, the kitten approached Kate and let her pet him. Garrett and I drove home quickly and picked up the cat carrier. We returned and Kate caught the kitten. We had ourselves a new pet :-)

He was very unhappy when he was taken to the vet the very next morning. He hissed at us quite a bit the first few days that we had him. Now he purrs in our laps frequently. He also spends about 80% of his days doing amazing acrobatic stunts like the one in the 2nd picture below.