Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July News

I worked training dogs for part of the day on the 4th, and then rode my bike into downtown Monterey to meet up with Kate. We walked around in the crowd of folks that had come out to see the fireworks over the bay, and then we headed over to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch to get on board the boat to watch the fireworks from out in the bay.

The fireworks from the waters of the bay were fantastic. We could hear the patriotic music echoing from the shore and blaring from a few of the other boats around us. Campfires were glimmering all along the beach.

On a more disturbing note, considering the recent fires here in California, we could see lots of illegal fireworks shooting off all around the bay. We even saw one group of folks setting off fireworks from the bike trail near the wharf.

After the fireworks, we returned back to the dock and headed over to say hello to Kiera the cat. It was great to be out and about because all of the streets in downtown Monterey were closed, and we were able to ride our bikes down the middle of Del Monte Avenue, swerving between the reflectors and dodging skate-boarders doing stunts in the street.