Sunday, June 29, 2008

Working on the Lyrical Laboratory

Today my girlfriend and I worked on setting up the Lyrical Laboratory. It is looking great!

We assembled the desk that we brought over from what used to be the overcrowded office in our apartment. It fits much nicer in the lab.

I'm considering renaming the Lyrical Laboratory the Dragon's Lair, since we do have a bearded dragon living there who is our mascot.

We'll see... I'm still undecided.

We also took pictures of our wonderful new-ish little kitten who still doesn't have a name. We've come up with a few possibilities: Hopkins (because the first time we saw him, he was on the ocean side of the fence around the Hopkins Marine Lab); Henry (which is a name that she prefers for him); Olan (which means boy in Turkish); Maknoon (which means hidden in Arabic); Hatif (which means "the unseen voice" in old Sufi Arabic, but unfortunately now means "telephone" in its modern Arabic usage); and Nari (which means fiery, blazing, red-hot, rocket/fire-powered).

There is a wonderful story about how this kitten came into our lives. I hope to have time to type it out soon.