Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday - Today Garrett and I went out on the ocean kayak. There is a great story from that which I will write later, because that is going to take some time (short and sweet - I went over to the Dumb Side of the Force, and luckily wasn't injured).

We saw the lightning headed towards Lover's Point from the direction of Big Sur, and got back to Lover's Point just as lightning was beginning to strike to the north and south, and rain was starting to fall.

Upon our return, the beach was so packed with sun bathers that we couldn't find a clear place to bring the kayak onto the beach. Within 5 minutes, folks started to hear the thunder and see lightning strikes over the treetops, after which the beach crowd started to clear out. The beach was almost completely clear by the time we had the kayak loaded on its cart, ready to be wheeled home.