Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday Night

Today I enjoyed Kate's company for most of the morning. I rode the XTra-Cycle to work at around noon, planning to shop right after I clocked out. I trained dogs, but as usual, on Friday nights a lot of people choose not to show up for class.

About 7pm, I received a message from my friend Dave, who I've had the pleasure of playing music with on a few occasions now. He invited me to his band's CD release party at Monterey Live. I didn't have my lock with me, so I traveled to Lover's Point to get one before heading back into town. I did make it back downtown, and I'm glad that I did. Those guys play some mean music that really just makes you want to move.

I also had the good fortune of meeting up with a friend that I had previously only talked to online. I think that I can honestly say that this is the very first person I've met (and talked to for any length of time) online before actually meeting in person. Newsflash! "Mike enters the 21st century." (Just a few years behind schedule.)