Tuesday, April 08, 2008


The morning cold dances crazily around the edges of my hands. Lights flicker excitedly in a great swinging arch towards the western horizon. The sun was already down last night as I was biking home from the gym.

It is not yet light as I rise this morning to get online and enjoy some early morning solitude with others. Last night was cold, but we talked through it all and then fell asleep to the faraway song of Dune and the rules of the desert. Stillsuits and Fremen in our imagination and bikes just outside, cooling under plastic and towels after a nice ride.

I spent most of yesterday doing the job that I love. I will work today doing a job that I truly enjoy. The waves crash against the rocks as I walk to the studio in the darkness before dawn. I am up early after a sound sleep and a tasty breakfast. My eyes are adjusting to the light, (most would call it darkness).

I am just beginning to understand fully the beauty, and wonder: "What will tomorrow bring?"