Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse This Morning - Tuesday Morning

There is a lunar eclipse happening tonight!

For more info... check out this link:


There will be links to live webcasts available at this site:
Nasa Total Lunar Eclipse Webcast
(if you're able to get to it at all)

Here is the basic info. from the first site listed above:

The total lunar eclipse of August 28 2007 will be visible over the Americas, the Pacific, eastern Asia, and Australasia.

The penumbral eclipse -- the least exciting, and hardest to see part -- will begin at 07:52:11 UT and end at 13:22:29 UT. It will be visible from the Americas when it begins around Moonset, the Pacific, and eastern Asia and Australasia as it ends at around Moonrise.

The partial eclipse will begin at 08:50:57 UT and end just over 3½ hours later at 12:23:50 UT, and will be visible from a slightly smaller area. The total eclipse lasts for 1½ hours; it begins at 09:52:00 UT and ends at 11:22:45 UT, with the moment of greatest eclipse at 10:37:22 UT. It is visible over Australasia, far eastern Asia, including Japan, the Pacific, most of North America (apart from the north-east), and western South America.

In the Pacific coast of the US, the total eclipse begins at 02:52:00 PDT and ends at 04:22:45 PDT, with the moment of greatest eclipse at 03:37:22 PDT.

The total eclipse should be a spectacular sight; the Moon will be well within the Earth's shadow, the umbral magnitude being 1.481, and should be deeply coloured by the Earth's atmosphere. Don't miss it!