Monday, February 26, 2007

No Car, No TV, No Problem

I loaned my car to a friend so that he could drive to Monterey from Salinas each day. Now when I want to go to work, I ride my bike, rain or shine. It is amazing just how much peace riding a bike brings to a hectic day. It is as therapeutic to me as sitting in a jacuzzi or getting a massage. I've even started riding without headphones (hah!) and I've found that I enjoy the easy quietness of my own mind.

I loaned my T.V. to a friend many months ago. Now when I want to watch T.V. I have to do it with friends. I've now enjoyed several "T.V. nights" at my friends' houses watching something that I really wanted to watch and haven't wasted one minute watching something that wasn't worth my time.

Every moment that I spend doing something other than watching T.V. and driving around on the road, is a moment reclaimed from the societal beast that threatens to devour us from the inside out. I claim a couple of small victories and am looking for more opportunities to slay the mechanical, technological creature that wants to steal our souls.