Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Putting Out the Fire

I guess yesterday's post is pretty bleak and depressing; I also think it is not an exaggeration. I want to believe that there is ample reason to be hopeful for and optimistic about the future. I hope that we as a society will hear the wake-up call that is being sounded by nature and society before it is too late. I want to work towards that somehow. I want to contribute to a turn in the right direction, away from the cliff.

I want to sound the alarm today, join the fire brigade tomorrow and use all of my resources and strength to help dump water on the flames. It just seems to me that we're driving insanely close to the edge of the cliff right now. What will it take to convince the great societal machine that we're all a part of to release the throttle and push on the brakes? We need to figure that out now if we are to find hope for the future, but who can convince us to do what needs doing, and how can we change course fast enough to avoid the abyss? I want the truth to be that it can and will be done.

End of that topic for now. Can I be preachy or what? I really just want to be a part of the solution. I hope that I can look back towards the end of my life and see that I have been successful in that endeavor.