Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Picnics! (and harlots)

Today I taught a listening class today all about picnics. We discussed the differences between a picnic in the mountains and a picnic at the ocean using good pictures that I had downloaded from the internet. The students listened to sentences and filled in missing words, then they listened to a passage and tried to take notes and recreate the original article in their own words. It was a fun class.

Now I'll meet with the other instructors to discuss the classes we taught, and then I have to go for my Air Force run on the exercise trail along the ocean. It's a gorgeous day here today. I'm looking forward to getting outside.

I learned something interesting when I was trying to find out if the Arabic word that I discovered yesterday that translates "unchaste woman" could also literally mean harlot, whore, or prostitute (I think you'll agree that in English an unchaste woman isn't necessarily any one of the others - although a spurned lover might call her these things). I learned that the word "harlot", as it was originally used, could describe a man with no fixed occupation. Hmmm... from an Air Force language instructor to a harlot... I can't wait to add that line to my resume'!