Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Path

I took my first guitar lesson today. I had this feeling wash over me during the lesson and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I realized that the feeling was recognition of the right path. I'm back on the path. Amen

There is a dream that I have to share, and a vision from long ago... maybe later tonight.

I talked to my mom and found out that the city of Yuma is creating a huge wetlands park, the largest in all of Arizona (Yuma of all places!) on the Colorado River in an area where I used to go hiking and searching for insects. They need volunteers to help with the construction of the park during two weekend work parties that will be happening in mid-February. They're short volunteers right now, and if they don't get enough, the project may be delayed. There is nothing I'd like more than to go down there and help with that, and I think I will do that one weekend next month.

My cat Misty is having one of her incredible snuggle-attacks. This cat is out of site 99% of the time, either outside under the house, or inside behind the couch. The only time that I can ever find her is when she is sleeping on the cat-tree at night or on her blanket on top of the bookcase in the living room, unless she's having a snuggle-attack. When she's in snuggle-mode she head-butts table legs, chairs, my legs, insisting on contact with anything in site. She met me sitting in the office chair when I came home with her body pressed into a contortionist position against the backrest. She was pressing as much of her body against the chair as she could and her feet were sticking out at odd angles. She had this look on her face that said, "Don't just stand there you silly human... PET ME!" So I'm following the unspoken command for attention that comes so rarely from this particular room-mate of mine.