Friday, January 19, 2007

Afghan Clothes

Yesterday a new Afghan friend (that I met in this instructor's course that I'm taking) demonstrated how to properly put on one of several different traditional Afghan head coverings. He called this particular one a Baqari (I haven't been able to find this word listed on the internet, but interestingly enough, the word means "of the cow" or "beefy" in Arabic). I asked him after he showed us this if he would be willing to teach me how to put one on properly before the end of the class, and he agreed.

Today, he told me that a friend of his is coming to the states from Afghanistan, and he is going to ask that friend to bring me an entire Afghan outfit! How cool is that! He showed me a picture of several men wearing many different types of traditional garb, and let me choose which I liked the most. I'm hoping that I'll get them before Language Day at DLI. I might actually have something traditional to wear around on that day, even if it's not technically from an Arabic speaking country.