Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where Is The God That I Knew?

I went to the church this morning that I created when I was 9 years old. I described a church just like this one in a manifesto that I wrote at about that time. In this document, which I still have, I described what my church would be like, how it would operate, how it would treat people, and what role it would play in its community. I detailed how it would be filled with metal or plastic chairs instead of hard-wood, intricately carved pews, I determined that its sole purpose would be to bring people to a real understanding of the true message that Jesus had given to the world. Music would be a vital part of the spiritual being of my church. People would be energized by the love and enthusiasm apparent all around them. They would be uplifted by inspiring modern music. Everyone would be required to wear their most casual clothes. Jeans and T-Shirts would be the preferred apparel. No one would be allowed to wear suits or expensive clothes. This would encourage even the poorest in the community to attend and feel relatively comfortable. The building would be simple, the landscaping would be all indigenous plants, the money saved on the grounds and construction would be spent helping the poor families in the local area. Today I attended a church that seemed in many ways to be modeled after my church. I found the church. Now all that's left is to find God.