Monday, December 11, 2006

Mornings With Algebra and a Police Scanner

So I was sitting at my desk in my office at about 1am in the morning... (studying Algebra there because the wireless access in my office is faster than the DSL in my apartment at the moment). I had on the police scanner, because even in Monterey it can be interesting to see what happens at 1am! First there was a report of a business that was being flooded by water leaking down through the ceiling from the 2nd floor. Then there were several more reports where the owners were requesting public works to turn off the water so that they could avoid "a catastrophe". Next it was reported that the flooding was occurring in a radio station and that much of the valuable equipment was threatened.

I wasn't awake long enough to hear the final outcome, but today I was listening to KAZU, our local NPR station, and they mentioned that their normal programming would not be available because flooding in part of their station had damaged their equipment and they would not be able to broadcast certain programs until their capability was restored. I guess the whole point of sharing this story with you all is to let you know that I spend some nights in my office studying algebra and listening to a police scanner!