Monday, November 27, 2006

Adventurers of the Year!

I finally downloaded iTunes 7 - It's about time! (How about that for excitement?)

The teachers on my teaching old teams are all getting assigned to their new classes and so now are shuffling around, playing musical offices. Today was full of desk moving and broken-chair stacking. I've finally figured out that I'm going to have to get rid of some of these Arabic books someday... I don't think I'll ever get around to reading 98% of them. (They're all grammar books and books for students with boring language exercises in them... I want to read Arabic poetry and classic stories and ancient texts!)

Tomorrow iPods will be distributed to my students, who will be busy downloading their courseware onto those blessed little devices (which replace the 150 cassettes that we used to be issued back in the "old days"). This means I'll be filling out hand receipts for them all day and getting to learn their social security numbers before I know what they look like.

Meanwhile I am still spending all of my free time in the evenings working on Algebra until my test on Thursday.

Speaking of ways to spend your free time... this engaged couple has got it figured out! Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei are the first people to circumnavigate the globe completely by self-propulsion. They have been named "Adventurers of the Year" by National Geographic's Adventure Magazine. For more on their amazing story, check out this link at NPR's website:

Wow! I get hot and bothered just thinking about it!