Thursday, September 28, 2006

Monterey Live!

Well, what a week...
Enough about that for public consumption.

Tonight I went to listen to music at Monterey Live to listen to some music with friends. There was a terrific combination of jazz, blues, and folk to be heard. I learned that Bishop plays political songs as well as all the other songs that have made him a local celebrity, and that he has been playing them since the 60's. He has amazing talent and you'd never guess his age.

I met several new musicians tonight, and a couple I would be interested in working with in the not too distant future. I'm hoping to play at Monterey Live for the songwriter's showcase sometime in the next couple of months. I have really enjoyed listening to others' music in that space, and I would love to have the opportunity to play there.

I looked at a house in Seaside, but it wasn't what I'm looking for. The street is too busy, the neighborhood too seedy, and my cats need a better home than that. I was hoping for better, but in this area, that type of place is what I would expect to find for that price. I think I'll keep on looking for something in that range for another week or two before I give in and raise my bid a bit.

One year ago today I was on the road travelling between Klamath Lake and Monterey. It was a beautiful trip filled with fun times and happy memories. The picture on my profile of me canoing was taken a year ago yesterday on Klamath Lake. The next day was a day for camping near Castle Crag and waking up in the tent in the morning to clean, cool air, good company, and a welcome absence of bears!