Thursday, June 02, 2005

Reasons to Write...

Ok... so I'm pretty far away from my family and friends - and this is an easy way to keep you all updated without writing you a ton of boring e-mails! You can check this space out at your leisure and I never have to know whether you're reading or not! How convenient :-)
For now I'll just concentrate on keeping a general record on this site for those of you who are curious enough about my life to read it.

So... this has been a crazy, busy and fun week; and I'll write more about that over my break - which is coming up in a few days.

Today I paid some bills and went to the post office to send off my certificate for that Driver's Course that I've been trying to get done FOREVER... and hopefully the court in Monterey will accept it.

I think I may have finally convinced the Comcast cable guy to come to my apartment tomorrow and fix the cable box which has been giving me problems for a couple of months now. Luckily for me I don't watch T.V. very often at all - so I haven't really missed it much. Supposedly he will be here early in the morning. Hopefully he'll be able to figure it out.

I picked up my weights today and they're in the car at the moment. They won't do me much good out there... I know. My goal is to have them inside staring me down by the time I leave for work tonight.

I tried to get my car registration renewed on base today - but the registration office was closed at 3:45pm even though it's supposed to be open until 4pm. Darn the luck! At least my pass is good through tonight. That means I'll only have to get my car searched once tomorrow before getting it renewed.

Work again tonight! WOOHOO! I'm ready for the weekend - just because I'm looking forward to going canoeing on the lake over this break!
Also - I THINK that we're having the 2nd LOTR party, minus one who was disappointed that the first movie didn't really have anything like a real ending. I can see how that movie would make it hard to want to watch the next two if you had never read the books.

So - that's it. My goal for the rest of the evening is to work out a bit and read a story or two into a tape for my nephews.

Until next time...

P.S. There is THUNDER (and presumably... lightning) outside tonight!

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